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The 1967 Six-Day War and Occupation of the Rest of Palestine

“Israel” launched the 1967 war, also known as “The Setback”, on 6 June 1967 on the neighboring Arad countries. It launched airstrikes on the Egyptian airports and reached the West Bank and Jerusalem, while both were under Jordanian administration. “Israel” also took control over Gaza, which was under Egyptian administration, the Golan Heights, and Sinai Peninsula as the “Israeli” military reached the east bank of the Suez Canal and built Bar Lev Line.

Thus, “Israel” took control over the rest of the Palestinian areas marking the start of the “Israeli” military rule over Palestine.

This military occupation put the Palestinians in Gaza Strip and the West Bank through unspeakable suffering; and the Palestinian resistance after the 1967 war took the shape of resistance organizations and movements.

The “Israeli” military rule of Palestine continued in Gaza Strip and the West Bank until the emergence of the Palestinian National Authority in 1994 as it took control over these areas.


Prepared by: Fahima Dalloul. Translation: Saleh Orouq