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Bronze Age

In the Bronze Age, the conditions in Palestine facilitated the stability of the Canaanite-Palestinian presence in Palestine. In this epoch, city-states were emerged.

The Bronze Age is divided into three stages: the Early Bronze Age (3200-2000 BC) which is divided into four stages, the Middle Bronze Age (2000-1550 BC) and the Late Bronze Age (1550-1200 BC) which is divided into three stages.

In this era, they discovered bronze by mixing copper and tin together. Writing using bronze was the most prominent feature at that time. Thus, the Palestinian civilization had started even before the existence of the written history.

This historical civilization of Palestine, presented by the Bronze Age, strengthens the idea of the Palestinians’ presence and their linkage with the Canaanites’ since time immemorial. This era is the conclusive evidence of the Palestinians’ historical right to this land. As a result, the Zionist movement is trying hard to obliterate any trace of the existence of the Canaanite civilization in Palestine. This is because all the remains confirm the Palestinian ties with Canaanites who were spread all over Palestine which gives the Palestinians the definite right to own this land.


Prepared by: Islam el-Zant

Translation: Sahar Yassin Alshobaki