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The Canaanites

The Canaanites are the oldest tribes that settled in Palestine. Due to them, the ancient Palestinian civilization was established, as they are Arabs who emigrated as long ago as 5,000 BC. They were famous at building city-states, using chariots, and inventing military industries.

The Canaanite civilization was deeply rooted. They were the first to discover copper. Later, they combined the copper and tin to produce bronze, which helped them in the development of their industrial tools. Thus, they are considered as pioneers in the mining industry. In the late twelfth century BC, they started to use the iron. The existence of the Canaanite civilization was since they knew the city-states system; they had nearly 200 Canaanite cities in Palestine.

The most important plants in the land of Canaan were the grapes and figs. Canaanites made great progress in glass manufactures, both wool and cotton knitting yarns, and dye manufactures. In addition, they invented new methods of warfare and developed them because of the ongoing dispute between the city-states. The Canaanite had entered the southern Levant, Palestine, and continued their activities there. They widely applied their civilization in their new home.

This period of Palestinian history is tremendously important because it denotes the legal right of our Canaanite Arab ancestors in Palestine. Thus, it gives us the right to this land. Consequently, this era must be taught thoroughly in all its aspects.

Prepared by: Islam el-Zant

Translation: Sahar Yassin Alshobaki