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The Roman Era and the Last Diaspora

As Romans inherited property in Greece and Pompey took control of Syria in 64 B.C, Palestine went under Roman rule. As a result, Pompey granted autonomy to the Jews and Arabs but he deprived the high Jewish priest, Hyrcanus, of his royal rank, imposed taxes on Jews, and divided their state into five small regions. When Augustus came to power, Herod was king of the Jews; he spread the Romanian Greek civilization in his kingdom. After Herod’s death, his son offended people and was so bad to them. Therefore, chaos was spread all over until a massive revolt erupted in 66 AD. Roman was ruled by Flavius Vespasian and then by his son Titus, who entered Jerusalem in 70 AD. Titus destroyed Jerusalem and burned the temple, he abolished the political and religious Jewish groups and imposed annual tax on all Jews for support of the temple to Jupiter in Rome. Subsequently, many revolutions were extinguished.

In the reign of Hadrian, Shimon Bar-Kokhba was the leader of the Jewish revolt against Rome, but Romans Overcome them in 135 AD. Romans, as well, demolished the temple, prevented Jews from entering Jerusalem, and changed Jerusalem’s name to Elia Katolena.

So we have come to this conclusion, other than Jews, the Palestinian population was growing faster day after day and Palestinians stayed on their land, in the time when only Jews, not even indigenous people in the country, were shrinking due to persecution, murder and exile. Jews, thus, could not but remain a strange element that cannot form a majority in Palestine.



Prepared by: Riman Abdullah. Translation: Samah Miqdad.