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Jews in the Persian time

Persian king, Cyrus II, managed to enter Babylon in (539 BC) in which Babylon was ended. He used the Jewish captives in the conquest of Babylon. They sought permission from him to be allowed to return to Palestine as a reward and he admitted their request. A part of them, does not exceed 50,000, returned; the other part, mostly rich, preferred to stay in Iraq. Cyrus assumed that the presence of a Jewish sect or party loyal to him in Palestine would create a kind of effective balance toward the pro-Egyptian party. He used them as spies to destabilize his opponents and turn them against each other, as well as to help him in the conquest of Egypt and to strengthen his power in Palestine. Persian control over Palestine continued till the arrival of Alexander the Great in 332 BC.

Prepared by: Riman Abdullah. Translation: Adham Ashqar