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Palestine in the 17th Century AD (Interim Period)

This period prominently remarked the 17th century where the conquests ceased on the battlefronts was stopped, the central administration was weakened and the influence of regional forces in Palestine was increasingly strengthened, both economically and politically. The most significant events during this period were the role of Fakhr al-Din II and his growing power in Palestine.

The administrative division of Palestine unchangingly remained the same in the first half of the 17th century. Nevertheless, some parts of Palestine were annexed to Sidon province in 1660.

During this period, three families, descended from regional leaders, mightily emerged: Redwan, Terbawi and Faroukh families. They formed a military alliance against Fakhr al-Din II along with disseminating security and leading al Hajj convoys.

However, at the end of this period, the Ottoman Empire undermined the role and the status of these families, leaders and local princes.




Prepared by: Islam al-Zant.

Translation: Ishraq Othman