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Emergence of Sheikhs and Dignitaries

During this period, the Ottoman Empire was engaged in wars with Habsburg family and the governance system in Palestine was weakened, which led to the emergence of the dignitaries and regional scholars who sought to fill the political and economic vacuum reinforcing the political and economic status of Palestine.

In the meanwhile, Hebron was a conflict zone between the tribe of Banu Tamim and the Kurds causing instability, extending the tribes of Bedouins over Hebron due to the weak central administration and emerging the militias of the peasants to protect their lands from being usurped. Therefore, the influence became greater in the hands of scholars and sheikhs for their social and economic statuses. In addition to the previous three families, new families emerged such as: Toukan, AlNemr, Jarrar, in Nablus, and Al-Husseini, in Jerusalem.

This elite maintained its role and formed a national leadership in conjunction with the beginning of the Renaissance and the emergence of the national thought in the late of the 19th century.


Prepared by: Islam al-Zant.

Translation: Ishraq Othman