Foreign Influence and Tanzimat (Reorganization of the Ottoman Empire)

Confrontations between the Egyptian army and the Ottoman army continued from 1831 to 1833. During its first year of controlling over Palestine, the Egyptian administration was able to insure people and reassure them with the new governance in Palestine without making radical changes that can negatively affect their daily-life affairs.

After the Convention of Kutahya, Palestine became under joint Egyptian and Ottoman control where Muhammad Ali paid the taxes to the Sultan.

The revolution of 1834 broke out against the Egyptian reign, yet Mohammad Ali Pasha depressed it when he reached Palestine.

Regarding foreign influence, the first European British Consulate was opened in Jerusalem in 1838, followed by the Prussian Consulate, the American then the French Consulates in 1843, and the Russian in 1858; all of them were in Jerusalem.


Prepared by: Islam el-Zant. Translation: Ishraq Othman