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Palestine during the Fatimid period

Fatimids had controlled Egypt and the Levant in 358 AH and taken from the Islamic state by the fatimid leader Jawhar al-Siqilli in the era of Muizz fatimid beginning a new phase of Palestinian history under Fatimid control. This enables the Fatimids who belonged to the Ismaili Shiite  to control over Palestine after going through many conflicts with the local revolutions as Qaramita, and the Seljuk Turks for control of Palestine. Their control over Palestine continued till the coming of Seljuks year 464 AH / 1071 AD, where they took control of Palestine by the lead of “Atsz bin Ouq” making Palestine under their own control. Seljuks wanted to keep Palestine and Jerusalem in their hands; they made all the Fatimid campaigns which aimed at regaining Jerusalem. One of such campaigns was nasser al gjoushi campaign in the year 471 AH / 1078 AD, which occupied Jerusalem, then moving to Damascus and attacking it where Atsez fled to. Taj al Dawla, then, regained the control over Damascus and Jerusalem.

The Suljuki rule over Palestine continued till 098when fatimids regained the control of Palestine, taking advantages of the sujuk preoccupation in fighting the first crusade. Jerusalem and palestine were captured later in 1099 under Crusader control, after the evacuation of the garrison Fatimid led by Iftikhar al dawla.


Prepared by: Alaa Hamada. Translation: Taghreed Al Sharawi