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Tall al-Ajjul

Tall al-Ajjul: The inhabitance of this place goes back to 4000 BC which had trade business with Egypt, Syria, and other places. It was surrounded by a wall supported with towers and gates. Its importance increased in the rule time of Hyksos (1700 BC) and Pharos. This place witnessed several famous battles in the Islamic history, one of its most famous is the one that happened between al-Ayyubiyun and Crusades and the other one which happened between al-Mamalik and Crusades. During the Ottoman rule, this place witnessed many battles that happened between the Ottomans and the Allies who had occupied Palestine. In 1931-1934, many archeological excavations led to the discovery of important monuments which go way back in time; another one in 1999 led to the discovery of different monuments made of glass, clay, gold and ivory; all of which prove that Gaza’s history goes back to the Age of Canaan