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Prehistoric Era

Immemorial ages of human history is divided into two parts. First part includes the times before man learned to read and write and use them as a means of recording his deeds and incidents. These times are known as “Prehistoric Times.” The second part includes the times after man learned to read and write because their deeds in those times was recorded, which is known as “Historic Times.”

Prehistory is divided into four ages, each is named with relevance to the materials by which man made his tools: Old Stone Age “Paleolithic,” Middle Stone Age “Mesolithic,” New Stone Age “Neolithic” and Iron Age(3).

Prehistory in Palestine is a consolidation of human existence in Palestine. In these ages, we find that man has reached agriculture and stability rather than “breadwinning” and mobility. Man has also known domestication of animals rather than hunting them. This proves that man has settled a number of villages, and then we find that he directed toward civilization. In this period, Palestinian man established the first city in human history as archaeological excavations indicated, the city of Jericho or Jericho Civilization. Social and artistic life was also developed; family was formed and female role increased in it. Religious beliefs has grown in these ages as artistic decorations appeared on many tools. Each of these things led to settlement and stability. These conditions later helped the permanent presence of Palestinian Canaanite human in Palestine in the Bronze Age.

In this age, man mixed copper with tin to create bronze metal which characterized this age. The most prominent feature in the Bronze Age was the invention of writing. To this ends the recorded prehistoric Palestinian civilization and starts the historic Palestinian civilization. In the Bronze Age the Palestinian presence is rooted by the presence of Canaanite since the beginning of history. The Bronze era is a conclusive evidence on the eligibility of Palestinians for the land of Palestine historically. Zionists do all they can to hide this period because it assures the existence and spread of Canaanite and Palestinians all over the land of Palestine. Thus, the eligibility of Palestinians for the Land.

Prepared by: Shireen abu Jibba

Translation: Adham Tayseer Ashqar