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Aman Palestin-Berhad Malaysia: A non-profit company founded in Malaysia in 2004 by a group of conscious young Malaysians who adopted to work for the Palestinian cause.

The Foundation seeks through an ambitious vision to be the first in Malaysia to advocate and support the Palestinian people from the human brotherhood and the sanctity of Jerusalem.

The office of Palestine aims to the excellence in providing charitable services in the following sectors: Relief, Education, Health, Community, Youth, Culture, Jerusalem, Partnership, and Emergency Response.

As well as enhancing the quality of work outputs by adopting creative and efficient work patterns, and contributing to the expansion and strengthening the relations of the Mother Institution locally and internationally.

Since its inception, the Foundation adopted one of its main sectors every year, and 2014 was the Youth Year.

Identifying the areas of work in the youth sector was not an easy task in light of the lack of statistics and sufficient information about the Palestinian youth needs and complexities of the political and economic conditions. In order to approach the needs of the Palestinian Youth in 2014, Aman Palestin-Malaysia Berhad pursued the following:

1-Support the “Award” for the best Youth Organization in 2012 in cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Youth and Sports.




Support the Youth National Plan for 2014-2018 under the supervision of the Palestinian Ministry of Youth and Sports.


Formation of an Advisory Committee for the Youth Sector of seven members of activists, journalists and youth associations, as well as leader youth associations, and moreover, the Ministry of Youth and Sports supports Aman Palestin in all phases of the implementation of the youth sector.

Implementation of a field study to assess the needs based on several sources:

a- Review the previous youth competent studies.

b- Electronic questionnaire distributed to young people of both sexes in all governorates of the Gaza Strip.

c- Hold individual interviews with youth activists.

d- Benefit from the results of the workshop held by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, “The Palestinian Youth, reality and ambition”.

e-Hold a workshop to assess the needs of the Palestinian youth in the participation of 120 distinguished university students, heads and directors of youth centers, youth activists and journalists.

Through the above, Aman Palestin concluded to identify the areas of intervention in the youth sector for 2014 based on the pressing priorities and their suitability to Aman Palestin-Berhad Malaysia