The British Occupation of Palestine

The British military government of Palestine started from 1917 AD until Herbert Samuel became the first high commissioner of the Department of the British Mandate Government in 1920 starting the Mandate.

The government of the British Mandate continued from 1920 to 1948. i.e., until the English left Palestine. That period represented the time when the development of the Zionist project reached the peak.


During the period of the Mandate government, several Palestinian revolutions against the British occupation took a place. First, the season of Moses revolution in 1920 AD. It broke out while celebrating the season of the prophet Moses, and continued for a few days. This revolution represents the first bloody clash in Jerusalem between the Arabs and the Jews, and between the police on the other hand.


Second, the revolution of Jaffa in 1921 AD. Bloody clashes took a place between the Arabs and the Jews when the Jews demonstrations which were heading to Manshiya neighborhood in Jaffa clashed with the Arabs. The unrest widened, so the British government formed “Heikkravc” committee which said that the reasons behind the causes of unrest were the Palestinians’ concerns about their destiny, and the administration’s injustice for its support for the Zionists.



Third, Al-Buraq revolution in 1929 AD. It broke out due to the Jews’ attempts to take over Al-Buraq wall, which caused the eruption of clashes that led to the injury of 11 Zionists and 15 Arabs. The International Committee of Buraq was formed subsequently, and it stated the right of the Arabs in this wall.


Fourth, Izz Al-Dein Al-Qassam revolution in 1935 AD. It arose when Izz Al-Dein Al-Qassam went out with his comrades calling for fight. The British forces cornered them in the area of Yaabod jungles near Jenin in November 20, 1935. It ended with the martyrdom of Izz Al-Dein Al-Qassam and two of his comrades.


Fifth, the great Palestinian revolution in 1936 AD. After the martyrdom of Izz Al-Dein Al-Qassam, a unit of resistors was established with the lead of Farhan Al-Saadi. In April, 1936, this unit clashed with some Zionists and killed two of them. The next day, the Zionists killed two Arabs, so curfew was imposed and the emergency law was announced by the Mandate government. Thus, Palestine went through a general strike that lasted for about six months.


Prepared by: Islam el-Zant.

Translation: Nisreen Kamal Al-khatib