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Buraq Revolution, 1929 AD

In the evening of August 15, 1929, the Jews tried to take over Al-Buraq wall, and walked in huge crowds chanting: “This wall is ours.” The next day, which was the anniversary of the Prophet’s birth, and after Al-Jomaa prayer, the Muslims went out in a huge demonstration towards Al-Buraq wall. They overturned the deacon’s table, took out the covers which were put by the Zionists in the cracks of the wall, tore the clothes of the deacon, and attacked several sites in Jerusalem. Tension spread around Palestine.


In August 17, 1929, an Arab stabbed a Zionist in a fight that happened between them, which caused the death of the Zionist and the widening of the fight. Therefore, 11 Zionists and 15 Arabs got injured, but when the police arrived, it arrested 22 Arabs, among which 14 injured, and only one Zionist, and allowed the injured Zionists to return to their homes. Subsequently, the minister of colonies established a committee, and called it Al-Buraq committee for investigation. The committee issued a recommendation to keep the situation of Al-Buraq wall as it was.


After the revolution of 1929, the Mandate government decided to divide Palestine to cantons (provinces), some for Arabs and the others for Jews, each of which enjoyed autonomy under the British Mandate. However, the Arabs in Palestine stood against that project and thwarted its objectives from being achieved.


Prepared by: Islam el-Zant. Translation: Nisreen Kamal Al-khatib.