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The 1920 Nebi Musa riots

Not only have the Palestinians struggled politically by sending delegations to Britain or holding conferences, they also started several strong movements of popular resistance as well. In April, 1920, tensions started to rise in Jerusalem, where the Muslim celebrations of the Nebi Musa (Prophet Moses) festival coincided with the Jewish ceremonies. Muslims came out to express their anger at the oppression of the British politics and they directly clashed with the Zionists during the celebration. The clashes lasted few days during which 9 Jewish rioters were killed and 250 wounded, and four Arabs were martyred and 21 injured. The British authorities responded to the unrest by barring the second Palestinian conference. Musa Kazim Pasha al-Husseini stepped down as the mayor of Jerusalem, and an investigative committee was formed to discover the causes of the unrest, the Palin committee. This was the first violent on-the-road-of-a-revolution contact between Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem on one hand and between the police and the Arabs on the other hand.



Prepared by: Islam al-Zant. Translation: Eman Jawad Basher