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Jaffa Revolution 1921

On the first of May, 1921, bloody clashes took place between the Arabs and the Jews, only this time they were remarkably broad and all-inclusive. The Jews carried out demonstrations which they took down towards Al-Manshiya Neighborhood in Jaffa. Arabs were already there, correspondingly, they clashed with each other turning it into a vast turmoil which, later, spread all over Jaffa. Attacks were carried out against the Jewish colonies in Jaffa (such as Rahabot, Hadera, Petah Tikva, Deran and Tel Hai). The Zionists on their part attacked and looted the town of Qalqilya. (3) These events lasted for fifteen days. The concerns of the British government forced it to form an investigation committee, led by Mr. Heikercraft, Chief Justice of Palestine, and named after him. The Committee noted later that the roots of the unrest were the concerns of Palestinians over their fate, and the injustice imposed on them by the British administration and its support of the Zionists.


Prepared by: Islam al-Zant. Translation: Eman Jawad Basher