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The British mandate

During the British occupation, the British policy had an essential role in enabling the Jews to occupy Palestine politically, militarily and socially and to invade its economy and demography as well. This resulted in a huge increase in the number of Jews. So, we are in a desperate need to view such policies in order to know how Britain paved the road to Jews to make Palestine their so-called national homeland, and so that we learn a good lesson from these events in order not to commit the same mistakes all over again. We must be fully aware of what is happening in the world such as conspiracies of opponent and allied enemies, in order not to lose sight again. And we should never forget that Zionists, once, were working on empowering themselves militarily and politically supported by the British occupation and taking advantage of the Arabs being busy with their revolutions.

The British occupation of Palestine is one of the worst types of occupations in the modern era, as the British occupation, represented in its oppressive Mandate government and its first high commissioner Herbert Samuel, used to support Jews politically through the intensifying of their political and administrative power, raising number of Jewish employees in administrative institutions, and working on creating many Zionist institutions, such as the Jewish Agency.


It supported them militarily, as well, by overseeing the establishment of the Jewish military units such as the Haganah, which was the nucleus of the IDF later. The British occupation worked, also, on providing them with arms and means by legitimate and non-legitimate ways, and training and rehabilitating the army to make it capable of confronting the Arab Muslims. Furthermore, it used to facilitate the arms smuggling as well as condoning such operations, while on the other hand, it prevented the Arabs from owning weapons, and punished those who were caught carrying one.

It also supported them economically in industrial and agricultural fields, as Britain enabled them of owning fertile arable lands by issuing several permits for the Jews to construct their various factories, which resulted in them leading the country’s economy later.

Furthermore, the British government helped Zionist Jews in Palestine gain the ownership of many lands in many different ways. it also managed to increase the demographic ratio of Jews in Palestine through the intensification of immigration where the amounts of Jews in Palestine increased during the British occupation by about 8.3% in 1919 until it reached 31.5% on May, the 15th, 1948.

It is clear from the previously mentioned information that the period of the British occupation, which lasted from 1917 to 1948, is the period which enabled the Jews to invade Palestine politically, militarily and demographically until it has become easier for them to establish their state due to the availability of institutions in all areas, unlike the Arabs who didn’t have as many institution as the Jews; because of the restrictions the British government put against them.


Translation: Eman Jawad Basher